Statcast Data Manipulation in R

Setup Your Workspace

statcast_data <- read.csv("mlb_2020_statcast_pitcher.csv")

Filtering, Selecting, and Arranging Data

NL_ROY <- statcast_data %>% 
filter(player_name == "Devin Williams")
NL_CY <- statcast_data %>%
filter(player_name %in% c("Trevor Bauer", "Jacob deGrom", "Yu Darvish"))
new_data_frame <- old_data_frame %>%
dplyr function
ROY_pitch_info <- NL_ROY %>%
select(player_name, pitch_type, release_speed, release_spin_rate)
ROY_columns <- NL_ROY %>%
select(player_name, pitch_type:release_speed)
ROY_release_speed <- NL_ROY %>%
select(player_name, pitch_type, release_speed, release_spin_rate) %>%
ROY_FF <- NL_ROY %>%
select(player_name, pitch_type, release_speed, release_spin_rate) %>%
filter(pitch_type == "FF") %>%

Grouping, Summarizing, and Mutating Data

ROY_pitch_count <- NL_ROY %>%
group_by(pitch_type) %>%
summarize('pitch_count' = n())
summarize('COLUMN NAME' = FUNCTION())
ROY_avg_velos <- NL_ROY %>%
group_by(pitch_type) %>%
summarize('pitch_count' = n(),
'average_velocity' = mean(release_speed, na.rm = TRUE))
ROY_range_velos <- NL_ROY %>%
group_by(pitch_type) %>%
summarize('pitch_count' = n(),
'min_velocity' = min(release_speed, na.rm = TRUE),
'max_velocity' = max(release_speed, na.rm = TRUE))
CY_FF_ranks <- NL_CY %>%
filter(pitch_type == "FF") %>%
group_by(player_name, pitch_type) %>%
summarize('average_velocity' = mean(release_speed, na.rm = TRUE),
'average_spin' = mean(release_spin_rate, na.rm = TRUE)) %>%
mutate('bauer_units' = round(average_spin/average_velocity,1))

Wrapping It Up




Driveline Baseball Operations Analyst

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Sam Bornstein

Sam Bornstein

Driveline Baseball Operations Analyst

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