Building a Post-Game Pitcher Report with Statcast Data

User Interface (UI) Code

CSS Styling

wellPanel(style = "background: white; border-color: black; border-width: 2px", …)hr(style="border-color: black;")

Updating Select Inputs

choices = ""

Text Outputs


Server Code


NL_CY$pitch_type <- factor(NL_CY$pitch_type, levels = c("FF", "SI", "FC", "CS", "CU", "KC", "SL", "CH", "FS"))NL_CY$pitch_name <- factor(NL_CY$pitch_name, levels = c("4-Seam Fastball", "Sinker", "Cutter", "Curveball", "Knuckle Curve", "Slider", "Changeup", "Split-Finger"))

Observe Event

inputId = "GameInput",
label = "Select Game",
choices = sort(unique(NL_CY$game_date[NL_CY$player_name == input$PitcherInput]))))
server <- function(input, output, session) { … }

Render Text

output$selected_pitcher <- renderText({paste(input$PitcherInput)})

output$selected_game <- renderText({paste(input$GameInput)})

DT (Data Tables)

output$pitcher_summary_table <- renderDataTable({
table <- NL_CY %>%
tableFilter <- reactive({table})
options = list(dom = 't',
columnDefs = list(list(targets = 0, visible = FALSE)))) %>%
formatStyle(c(1,2), `border-left` = "solid 1px") %>%
formatStyle(c(2,5,7), `border-right` = "solid 1px")

Wrapping It Up




Driveline Baseball Operations Analyst

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Sam Bornstein

Sam Bornstein

Driveline Baseball Operations Analyst

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